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Welcome to my game

Hi! My name is Micah and welcome to this page.

I wanted to have a place where any prospective players could get a look at me as a GM and the way I like to play role playing games.

My favored way to play is to let the characters build the story. You let me know what your party wants to accomplish and I’ll put enough obstacles in your path to make things interesting. The more I get a feel for your characters motivations and the groups mindset as a whole, the better I become at setting up interesting encounters and NCP’s.

The current campaign I’m setting up is using the Pathfinder RPG rulebook as the basis for the game world.

Now building a game world is probably my favorite part of running tabletop RPGs. The world, which I’m calling Fayn has some additional info on the playable races and classes in the game and what part they play in Fayn. Note that all these ideas are to enhance the flavor of the game world and should not be seen as restrictions to what type of character you can make.

Main Page

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