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Keep in mind that your character, whatever that ends up meaning for you, is going to be a functioning member of a team.

A common mistake when starting a campaign is to start of with no one in the party knowing one another, and letting them come together as a team as the adventure progresses. On paper it’s a classic plan. In practice, it never works out.

The party doesn’t always get the chance to grow into a group because low level adventurers are at the mercy of their dice rolls. If the fighter can’t stop rolling 1’s and the wizard gets knocked unconscious in the first couple fights you don’t end up making a party. You get two characters that work together and two players that are frustrated by bad luck and the fact that their character now has to overcome being the clowns of the campaign.

Parties work best if you treat them like a cast of tv characters (firefly being my favorite example). Different abilities, attitudes and worldviews, but they work together as a team consistently. How exactly these characters came to trust in one another gets saved for later episodes. The first couple are about getting to know what goal the group has.

You are building teamates

Try to learn what your allies are capable of. Figure out ways that you can complement one another.

I want Chrono Trigger inspired combo attacks. If you can think of a way to do something cool as a party, let me know. If there aren’t rules in place for it already then I’ll find a way to make it work.

super duper important shit

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