The Sorcerer is possibly my favorite class.

Sorcerers are born with an unnatural link to a magical power source. Unlike Wizards who know dozens of spells and must choose which ones they are able to cast every day, Sorcerers master precious few spells but can cast all of them spontaneously and can cast the most spells before needing to recharge their spells.

Sorcerers don’t hold back as much as wizards do. Their increased allotment of spells per day means they can hammer away at foes with whatever spell is effective over and over.

As sorcerers grow in power they become more intimately tied to the magical link that grants them power. Sorcerers with a trace of dragons blood in their family tree grow scales and gain a draconic breath weapon. Those tainted with fiendish power gain increased powers of manipulation and elemental resistances.

Sorcerers are not trained, they are born. Their power comes from within and they unleash it as easily as others breathe.

If you want to wield devastating arcane power and not bother preparing a spell list then the sorcerer is a good choice.

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