A paladin is a knight in shining armor in the finest traditions. Their combat abilities are significant and they can employ powerful healing for themselves or allies. Against an evil opponent a paladin becomes the most deadly force in the game. By declaring a smite against an evil opponent a paladin becomes infused with holy energy, gaining huge bonuses to attack and damage until the target flees or is slain.

Paladins are not right for every campaign. Be sure to consult the rest of your party to make sure being a paladin is right for you.

Paladins are the most restrictive class in terms of what behaviors are allowed. All Paladins must adhere to a code of conduct. They cannot lie or steal and must respect legitimate authority. Taking prisoners if their opponents surrender. In short Paladins are forced not to do all the things adventurers are best known for doing. Breaking this code strips them of their potent supernatural powers until (traditionally) they complete a personal quest to have them restored.

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