Fighters pick their abilities from an impressive list of combat feats.

As they gain levels fighters can choose to become more flexible in their skills or specialize even further in their favored method of warfare. Popular fighter archetypes come in lots of flavors. A nimble dualist, an armored juggernaut, dual wielder , mounted cavaliers dealing horrifying charge attacks from either horseback or bearback (not a typo Dwarven cavalry uses bears) and can become more accomplished archers than even the Ranger class. Given enough levels a fighter can be masters of multiple combat styles.

All fighters become better with weapons and armor than other classes. Armor restricts them less than other classes and their favorite weapon types gain bonuses to attack and damage as the fighters skill improves.

Fighters never have any reason to hold back. Spellcasters might worry about running out of spells and even the Barbarian fears not having his rage when he needs it. Fighters will always run out of targets before they run out of ways to hurt them.

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