The Dwarves are the oldest of the mortal races. The Dwarven people have weathered the passing of ages with the same resilience and incredible patience that characterizes the Dwarven mind.

To a Dwarf there is no point in making a weapon that breaks after a thousand battles. Why build a city that would crumble after only a few millenia? Dwarven mountain strongholds can be found all the over the world. Some of them empty, a few of them now occupied by the invaders that drove off the dwarves in the first place. This is no cause for concern however. In the fullness of time the invaders will be gone, and their cities will still stand, awaiting the needs of the Dwarven people.

Dwarves are traditionalists and are drawn to lifestyles and occupations with a rich heritage to draw from. They make excellent warriors and many Dwarven sages are in fact masters of the monastic arts. Dwarven clerics are powerful crusaders although it is rare to find one championing any of the “younger gods”

Dwarves rarely have any interest in the arcane arts. They find such power fickle and temporary, even the most powerful spells fade after hardly any centuries at all.

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