There are a lot of different ways to play a cleric. They all come with a spell list that specializes in maintaining the status quo. Their healing spells and the ability to reverse debilitating status effects make them the most popular characters every right after a fight.

Being a Cleric is all about exemplifying a powerful ideal. The Clerics goals and personal agenda directly shape their abilities and spell selection. Clerics choose two domains that reflect the nature of the god they worship. These domains grant the cleric new abilities and spells that match the domains theme.

For example, a Cleric that follows a God of justice could choose the domains of Protection and Truth. These domains are perfect for defending the innocent and uncovering lies and false testimony. A cleric of the same deity however might embody punishment. The domains of Law and Death provides spells that control and kill whomever the cleric deems guilty.

Since I only have rough ideas right now as to what religions are going to be present in the game, feel free to make your own along with your cleric.

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